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Hooked Pieces

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Hooked Pieces
First Row
Piece 1: - The Spook - 17.5" x 12" - wool fabrics and mixed yarns. - sold - When my husband was a small boy his Dad and a few other fishermen in the village decided to buy wooden lobster boats built in Nova Scotia as a group for a better price than separately. It was a big deal waiting for the wonderful Novie Boat that would be brought into Stonington. The whole family drove down east and made a day of it as David's Dad would bring the boat back home and his Mom, sister and he would drive all that way home alone. They were the last of the caravan to arrive in town and all the boats were gone...left for home except the brightest most beautiful black and orange boat a small boy could ever imagine. Not the color scheme his Dad had expected but one look at David's face was all it took..."we'll name it 'The Spook'". She's still holding together today in this neck of the woods..Novie boats are made to last.

Piece 2: Lawson Small's Baithouse - 20" x 12" - wool fabrics and mixed yarns. - sold - My husband loved his Grampie and often went to mend traps and bait bags in the tiny bait house on the harbor in Owl's Head with him as a little boy. It still stands, leaning and broken along side its neighbors..but I always picture it this way when he tells me the stories of fellow fishermen's tales.

Piece 3: Sailing Weather - 8.5" x 11" - wool fabrics - sold - When our son was a young boy we had a sailboat we often took to the islands in Penobscot Bay for weekend adventures. My job was to point out every rock and ledge and looming suspicious cloud. My t-shirt read 'there's one in every crowd'.

Second Row
Piece 1: On the Sea - 8" x 10.5" - wool fabrics - And just so you know...life is never the same after you've slept on an island, lulled to sleep by the sound of waves and foghorn. - Sold

Piece 2: The Chesire Whale - I have never seen a whale...sad but true. I have never been on a boat without looking for one and holding my breath just in case. When I do see one, and I will, it will be a sunny day, she will look right at me, and smile. This is 'The Cheshire Whale', named by an island girl from Islesboro whom I am sure has seen her before..on a sunny day. The piece is 11" x 16" hooked with wool on a burlap backing. I designed her and hooked her, she makes me happy. $125