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Magic Carpets

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Cotton Flannel Magic Carpet Rag Rugs with a Book
All my Magic Carpets are 16" x 33" / Each rug is $50

When I was little girl the librarian in my home town had a litte rug for each child to sit on as she read stories to us. She said books would take us anywhere we wanted to go and to pretend we were going with her on our 'magic carpets'. These magic carpet rag rugs make a great gift for any child! Our magic carpets are available in a variety of colors, all cotton flannel, and each comes with a book.

First Row
Rug 1: The Dance Recital - Lt. lavender cotton flannel
Rug 2: Sailor Boy - Blue/white print cotton flannel - SOLD
Rug 3: Patty Cake, Patty Cake - Multi-pinks cotton flannel - SOLD

Second Row
Rug 1: Miss Muffit - Multi-colored red and white cotton
Rug 2: Baby Duck's - Multi pastels and darks cotton flannel
Rug 3: Rowing the Skiff - Aqua and white
Cotton Flannel Magic Carpets with a Book
All my Magic Carpets are 16" x 33" / Each rug is $50
First Row
Rug 1: Tic Tac Toe - Multi-pastel cotton flannel - SOLD
Rug 2: Strawberry Ice Cream - White with pink headers cotton flannel
Rug 3: Sleigh Ride - Red print with white

Second Row
Rug 1: Lawnmower Ride - Forest green and white
Rug 2: Tractor Ride - Browns - SOLD
Rug 3: Man in the Boat - Multi blues - SOLD