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Hooked Pieces

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Hooked Pieces
Piece 1: Lawson Small's Baithouse - 20" x 12" - wool fabrics and mixed yarns. - sold - My husband loved his Grampie and often went to mend traps and bait bags in the tiny bait house on the harbor in Owl's Head with him as a little boy. It still stands, leaning and broken along side its neighbors..but I always picture it this way when he tells me the stories of fellow fishermen's tales.

Piece 2: The Chesire Whale - I have never seen a whale...sad but true. I have never been on a boat without looking for one and holding my breath just in case. When I do see one, and I will, it will be a sunny day, she will look right at me, and smile. This is 'The Cheshire Whale', named by an island girl from Islesboro whom I am sure has seen her before..on a sunny day. The piece is 11" x 16" hooked with wool on a burlap backing. I designed her and hooked her, she makes me happy. $125