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Mary Ann Small

A Little Bit About Me

The women in my life who formed my future were creators and adventurers. I was surrounded by fibers and textiles of all kinds from yarn, hand woven fabrics, quilted coverlets and clothing to seed pearls and bugle beads. My aunt, uncle and grandmother were weavers in Maine's woolen mills and my Mother made my school clothes from fabric they had woven. My aunt taught me to knit at the age of five and there was never a time that I would sit without a set of knitting needles in my hands from that day forward. She told me knitting was weaving with sticks and when I was a big girl she would teach me to weave on a loom. The seed was planted and although my professional life took me in a different direction I stayed connected to handwork, texture, form, and color.

I think I've attempted to every kind of needlework there is and I have braided and crocheted and hooked rugs for years, but when I learned to weave on a loom I knew I had come home. I love rugs. I love the fact they keep you warm underfoot and brighten your path. I love the way they pull a room together and define one's style. I love the way they are useful pieces of art. There are many rug looms at my home and studio; two are old Union Looms that carry the dents and dings of other weaver's hands. It is a joy to wake up each and every day and be able to play with color and design. Sometimes I design a warp from my huge cupboard of colored spools and then search my fabric and design the warp to make it come alive. Most of my work is traditional folk art in style, and my rugs are made of new fabric and recycled fabrics. All carefully start out with a plan and a sketch but it is always a surprise when they are fringed, hemmed, trimmed, blocked and thrown on the floor for their name.

The rug in this photo was made with love, using material from my aunt's clothes.

My rugs have gone home all over the country and a few to England, Sweden and beyond. My story would make my aunt very happy.

I am a Juried Member of the following organizations:
  • The Maine Crafts Association
  • Designing Women
  • United Maine Craftsmen
  • Society of Southern Maine Craftsmen
  • Maine Made, America's Best
  • Portland Landmarks
My designs have been shown in the following locations:
  • Blaine House, Augusta
  • Archipelago, Rockland
  • Art Gallery at University of New England, Westbrook
  • Jonathan Frost Gallery, Rockland

I look forward to seeing you in my studio,
Mary Ann Small