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Welcome to Maine Island Rag Rugs!

Made as in colonial days... by hand, one at a time.

At Maine Island Rag Rugs I specialize in rag rugs with folk art appeal. All are made as in colonial days, by hand, one rug at a time. Since I can remember my life has been surrounded by fibers, colors and textiles of all kinds from yarns, hand woven fabrics, quilted coverlets and clothing to seed pearls and bugle beads. My aunt, uncle and grandmother were weavers in the Maine woolen mills and passed their knowledge down to me.

My shop is a working studio and holds a colorful array of handmade woven rag rugs in many different designs and sizes, all of which are reversible. The materials used in my products are new or recycled, pre-shrunk, cleaned and then woven on one of my Union looms. My wool rugs are made of fabric that was woven in the last woolen mill in Maine that closed three years ago. You will also find other items such as table runners, pillows, hooked pieces, scarves and bags, and our very own original Magic Carpets.


Your rag rug shipped to your front door! After you've selected the rug you want to purchase, call (207) 594-8038 or email me at with the name of your rug selection.

Do not send your credit card information through email - we will contact you for your credit card and shipping information and process your order. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and checks.

Care and Cleaning of Rugs

Vacuum regularly with floor brush and spot clean spills with cold water.

The smaller rugs can be machine washed on gentle cycle by themselves for 30 seconds, then stop the machine and let it soak for a minute or two, then gentle rinse and spin. Hang lengthwise to dry over support such as a deck rail.

Larger rugs and wool rugs should be professionally cleaned.

All rugs should have a non-slip mat of some kind under them to prevent them from being a magic carpet.